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We have been linking start-ups and partner companies since 2014, with the goal of accelerating innovation and business by means of a unique network implemented throughout France and the World.

We help start-ups develop thanks to our special 360° support system (master classes, conferences, expert networks, dedicated spaces for hosting clients and investors, linkages with major business groups, and an alumni network). We provide partner companies with the ability to enact their own digital transformation by cooperating with our start-ups in order to experiment new and innovative ways of working.

The Villages by CA network is endowed with various international staging posts, including a Village by CA in Milan, as well as locations in some of the world’s major cities (London, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo) in order to propel the international development of our start-ups.

Key figures

Business Accelerator

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Our start-ups

Discover our pool of start-ups working towards imagining and building the practices of tomorrow in terms of work, food, energy, finance, housing, culture, commerce, cybersecurity, and mobility

Our latest start-ups :

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Our Partners

Our partner ecosystem consists of major, mid-cap and small companies, schools, universities, and even regional, national and international actors. As essential players in the Village by CA network’s development, our partners benefit from the innovative and contemporary solutions provided by our pool of start-ups.

Latest partners :

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They talk about us

The work carried out during the first sessions allowed us to reposition our offer by aligning it with the reason I created this company, in relation to the strong desire I have to improve the lives of health practitioners. This positioning allowed us to approach our clients in a more efficient way.

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A very specific methodology, simple tools, very easy to use, very relevant, which allowed us to do in-depth work while remaining in our daily operational life.

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Arnault Trac

Entrepreneur in a traditional business for 17 years, I entered the world of digital and start-up for 3 years with evoluflor. Like all the other startuppers I’ve worked with, I’ve been through a series of coaching sessions due to fear of failure, need and promise of cash. They made me enter a spiral of buying several tens of thousands of euros of advice or time spent on them which -almost always- left a taste of unfinished business, when it was not bitter.
What was extraordinary – in the literal sense of the word – with the acceleration program (co-constructed by Village by CA PCA and SalesBuilder&Cie) from which I benefited, was to have learned in a short period of time to be totally autonomous with all the tools and skills that a manager needs to accelerate his company. Then… to be surprised to see our company accelerate for real thanks to this.
This way of approaching the manager, his teams, the finance department, his prospects or clients, this mechanism of quick understanding of blockages and immediate repositioning in all areas are true “Game Changers”. I have not found them anywhere else. And today in Evoluflor we are making progress and… having a blast!

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Béatrice Caula